How I deal with overthinking

5 ways to control overthinking

I’m a huge overthinker. Every little thing that happens in my life comes with an amount of thoughts that can make me feel very anxious.

For example: a noise in the house becomes rapidly a robber, I never believe to have studied enough for exams, if I do a clumsy thing I’ll be remembering myself how stupid it was all day long…so, yeah, my brain is sometimes an a**hole.

But, luckily, over time I’ve learnt some ways to control those I-won’t-let-you-sleep-at-night kind of thoughts.

Here are my top 5 ways to deal with overthinking:

  • Read, watch, listen. This is all about getting your brain focussed on something else that isn’t your own thoughts. Listen to your favourite songs, better if you know the lyrics; watch youtube videos (animal videos are always great and hilarious); read an entertaining book…or anything that keeps you busy on something you love. Important: Look for things to do that actually keep you entertained, if you get bored you’ll sure begin to think too much again
  • Stop and simplify. I use to accumulate different thoughts, worries, plans, ideas…all at the same time. When I reach the point of not knowing anymore what I’m thinking about I like to stop the things I’m doing and sit at a relaxing place. There I’ll calm down and simplify everything that has runned through my brain until that moment: taking every though, one by one, giving them an interior explanation of why that thought isn’t so important or why I’m making such a big deal. It’s all about organizing thoughts and giving them the importance they actually have.


  • Paper and pen. Write down everything that is on your mind on paper. This is amazing to see from another perspective what once was only inside your brain. Write fast without taking care of grammar or structure, just write down everything and once you’re finished you can let it go. It’s written on paper, you don’t have to worry anymore about something you can remember by reading it again later.
  • Talk about it. Sometimes we don’t see reality by ourselfs, it’s a fact. When I’m too worried about something and I don’t know what to do with that thought I always like to tell it to someone I have confidence with (a friend, a family member…whoever you feel comfortable with). When you talk to someone their reaction is always helpful; they will help you, give you advice or, like it has happened to me many times, make you realize that the problem isn’t that big.
  • Go outside. There’s nothing better than doing some exercise or other kind of activities to clear up a too stressed mind: walking, running, cycling, shopping, going to a restaurant with a friend you haven’t see in a lot of time, going to the cinema…the main goal is to not confine yourself at home or at work. Give your brain a break. Pokemon Go is an amazing option…it makes you walk a lot…A LOT.

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And you, are you an overthinker? Do you have any other tips to deal with it? Share it in the comments.

See you soon!!


Look at nature. Look at flowers.

“Look at nature. Look at flowers. We never walk into our garden and say,
  “oh, wouldn’t that flower be so much more pretty if it were taller? or red instead of pink?” 
  Because nature was created perfect just as it is. And so are we.”

What if?

I could swim in the sea but, what if I drown in its depth?

I could run but, what if I fall?

I could ride a roller coaster but, what if it never stops again?

I could write a story but, what if no one wants to read it?

I could jump but I, what if there is no ground to hold me?

I could fly but, what if my wings break?

My heart races…

…should I avoid all risks?

Actually there is only one risk that makes me shudder.

I could avoid all risks but, what if I forget how to live?